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Critical strategies of Gamification Design for mobile apps

Gamification is a technique used by designers to insert gameplay elements in non-gaming settings. It enhances user engagement with a product or service. By putting fun features like leaderboards and badges into an existing system, designers tap users’ intrinsic motivation, so they enjoy using it more. If you are looking to make your UX engaging for mobile users, incorporate gamification design elements in your app. In this blog, we have curated a few strategies to gamify your app.
Identify your business objectives.
It is a universal fact that all apps are not the same. It means that you can’t only apply a size fits all gaming strategy to your apps because the tactics that work for one may not work for others. Hence, your primary goal is to have a clear idea about business objectives, which will help you plan your gamification elements.
Get a complete idea about your target audience.
You must have a complete idea of the target audience in terms of their age, interests, and so on before framing gamifying tactics. It would help if you also analyzed their behavior regularly. You can start with your current customers, think about benefits, not features, Collect their demographic, and send out customer surveys. These practices will help you to know your audience completely.
Have a narrative element
It is found that some games seize users' attention from the first scene itself, while some don’t. Simple, it’s the thoughtful story and script that makes the difference. A narrative element is useful for every game to make sure your story is connected to involve users in the story and keep them on the edge of their seats.
Set-up them up with rewards
People undertake tasks only when they are ensured about rewards or recognized, or maybe it offers them a sense of achievement. Gamification design in an in-app offers all these perks to the user. You can motivate users with perks like virtual goods, leaderboards, badges, and also progress displays.
Tap into the social component
Social components, like in-game chat and community, could complement your app. In a few cases, you include competitions to your mobile app, as in which users played more games or ran the most in a week. Plus, you could add platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more into your game, which will help users share achievements easily, which, in turn, adds to their feel-good factor.
Final words
These are the key strategies for game-based e-learning solutions that keeps users hooked up to your apps. The most significant advantage is that you should not spend tons on setting up these strategies in your app. In-app quests, colorful badges, simple competitions, and more are good enough to keep the user interest alive and keep coming back for more.

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