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Thomas Grant

Three Major Benefits Of Citing Sources In Assignments

2 min read

Let's say your professor asked you to cite the sources in Vancouver format. So, some of you may use the Vancouver referencing generator while others may get help from friends and seniors. No matter which option you choose, make sure you don't skip the citations in your paper. Accurate citations not only improve the quality of your work but also help you earn your professor's trust. Sounds confusing? Here are the three main benefits of citing sources in your assignments.

• Reflects your hard work

Citing sources take a lot of time. Firstly, you have to follow the right format, and secondly, you have to get the sources right too. So, your professors may consider you as a hard-working student if they find accurate and perfect citations in your paper. You can get the citations done even if you have a tight deadline. For example, there are Harvard, APA or Vancouver citation machines out there that can do your citations automatically for you.

• Maintains highest academic integrity

Your professors assess your papers based on a wide slew of criteria. Citations are one of them. Citing sources indicate that you have maintained the highest academic integrity throughout your assignment. Sometimes, it takes only the right citations to fetch you the grades you so desire in your paper. There are relevant examples on the Internet. Let's say you need help with Vancouver format. So you can get inspiration from Vancouver referencing examples online.

• Helps you steer clear of plagiarism

There are different types of plagiarism, such as mosaic, direct, accidental, etc. You may have a hard time getting rid of plagiarism initially. In that case, you can use Chicago referencing or MLA referencing formats to steer clear of plagiarism effectively. Citing sources is time-consuming. But, it shows that you haven't violated any academic rule. It's okay if you take ideas from an original author's work. But, you must give him/her credit for that work. Plagiarising is stealing, and your professors won't tolerate that.

Now that you know the benefits of referencing, you are most likely to include that in your assignment. Follow the right format and consult with your professors whenever you are in doubt. Good Luck.