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Know All About Citing Sources or Referencing Generator

3 min read

Students may have different misconceptions about citations and plagiarism. Whether they use Harvard referencing or Oxford referencing, you need to clarity on this whole process before you go about citing sources. Once you know these misconceptions, you won’t have trouble citing sources.

Let’s ponder over these misconceptions and know how you can avoid them. This way, you won’t have to be dependent on Vancouver or Oxford referencing generator tools available online.

Citation is difficult

It’s fairly usual for students to be intimidated by citations. Knowing what to cite, when to cite, and how to cite it can be difficult. This is specifically true since there are multiple formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver style of referencing used in different institutions and countless other rules to learn.

However, technology, as it’s applicable for everything else, has made the citation process more convenient, in the form of MLA or Vancouver citation machines. This means you don’t need to memorise citation formats or manually assemble a bibliography.

Citation is added after writing a paper

Many students believe that the right time to include citations is to edit or proofread a paper. However, this may result in missed or incomplete information which may lead to accidental plagiarism. You can check out the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Vancouver style referencing examples to get an idea about how and when to cite sources.

So, the best time to incorporate citations is when you’re writing. This is because the citation is part of the writing process, not the editing process, whether you’re using Vancouver or MLA referencing.

Paraphrasing is just rewriting

When it comes to avoiding plagiarism and paraphrasing, students often get confused about how to rephrase the information. Paraphrasing isn’t simply taking someone else’s words and editing them; it's about taking an idea and information from another work and writing them in your own voice.

With paraphrasing, the source material’s words shouldn’t appear; only the facts and details must be present. The simplest way to make sure you paraphrase accurately is to read the details you want to paraphrase and then keep it away. Don’t look at it as you try to convey what you just learned in your own words.

All types of plagiarism are treated equally

Plagiarism can occur when you’re buying essays online or in case of poor paraphrasing in a short passage. Both are considered plagiarism technically, but they are different in both intent and in how the teachers respond to it.

Where simple mistakes might lead to a lower grade on a test (as any writing mistake would), but passing off someone else’s work as your own is likely to draw a more serious disciplinary action.

Being aware of these misconceptions will help you preset accurate citations.

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Thomas Grant

Three Major Benefits Of Citing Sources In Assignments

2 min read

Let's say your professor asked you to cite the sources in Vancouver format. So, some of you may use the Vancouver referencing generator while others may get help from friends and seniors. No matter which option you choose, make sure you don't skip the citations in your paper. Accurate citations not only improve the quality of your work but also help you earn your professor's trust. Sounds confusing? Here are the three main benefits of citing sources in your assignments.

• Reflects your hard work

Citing sources take a lot of time. Firstly, you have to follow the right format, and secondly, you have to get the sources right too. So, your professors may consider you as a hard-working student if they find accurate and perfect citations in your paper. You can get the citations done even if you have a tight deadline. For example, there are Harvard, APA or Vancouver citation machines out there that can do your citations automatically for you.

• Maintains highest academic integrity

Your professors assess your papers based on a wide slew of criteria. Citations are one of them. Citing sources indicate that you have maintained the highest academic integrity throughout your assignment. Sometimes, it takes only the right citations to fetch you the grades you so desire in your paper. There are relevant examples on the Internet. Let's say you need help with Vancouver format. So you can get inspiration from Vancouver referencing examples online.

• Helps you steer clear of plagiarism

There are different types of plagiarism, such as mosaic, direct, accidental, etc. You may have a hard time getting rid of plagiarism initially. In that case, you can use Chicago referencing or MLA referencing formats to steer clear of plagiarism effectively. Citing sources is time-consuming. But, it shows that you haven't violated any academic rule. It's okay if you take ideas from an original author's work. But, you must give him/her credit for that work. Plagiarising is stealing, and your professors won't tolerate that.

Now that you know the benefits of referencing, you are most likely to include that in your assignment. Follow the right format and consult with your professors whenever you are in doubt. Good Luck.

Thomas Grant

Top Law Degree Universities You can Find in UK

3 min read

Most students prefer going to UK for law degree since they have a variety of law degrees. According to law assignment writing services, when you are opting for a law degree, you will obviously consider the university and the type of aw degree that suits you the most. As an international student, it is possible to get confused while picking the right law college.

That’s why, in this blog, online law assignment help writers have compiled a list of a few noteworthy law universities that will help you build a successful career. While making a list, we considered major factors like the global rank of universities, graduates employment and student’s satisfaction rate.

• University of law

The University of Law is considered to be the oldest educational institutions in the UK. They have a massive role and contribution to the national legal system. Law assignment expert in the UK guarantees that your career will be shaped under some of the best lawmakers in the UK. Avail a wide range of study programs in the law department. In this department, you will find the exact course that matches your goals.

• Cambridge University

At present, the university stands at the top of the list for its modern teaching methods as well as leading academic staff. Their purpose is not just to give a mere degree but to develop a critical understanding of legal issues in modern society. Since it has a firm establishment in the job market, you will enjoy high employability.

They are offering:

  • Master’s in corporate law
  • Doctorate in law
  • LLM law
  • BA law

• Glasgow university

Glasgow is one of the leading universities which are supported by top academics. At present, it is considered to be the best law schools in the UK. Your law degree will include all the fundamental understanding of the Common and Scottish Law. You will also additional analytical and critical skills sought by prospective employers.

Here are some of the law degrees offered by them:

  • International Commercial Law LLM
  • Social Legal Studies MRes
  • Scots Law LLB
  • International economic law LLM
  • Scots law (Graduate entry) LLB

• London School of Economics

LSE LAW is popular for offering legal studies and research. You will experience a top class quality education. You will enjoy flexible study programs and a unique forward-looking education approach. The degree will prepare you for a competitive market. Here is the following law degrees offered here:

  • Executive LLM
  • PhD law
  • LLM bachelor of law
  • MSc law and accounting
  • LLM Master of laws

Here are the top law degree courses suggested by law assignment help services available for students in the UK as well as for international students. Make you make the best decision in your life.

Thomas Grant

5 Advantages of Using Online Vancouver Citation Machines

3 min read

Over the years, online academic tools have helped the students ace their tasks in the 11th hour. Moreover, tools such as Vancouver referencing generator play a pivotal role when the students are not aware of the citation format. But, there is more to it.

In this blog, let us check out the benefits of using a citation generator online. It helps you get:

Instant Results

In most cases, students have to meet tight deadlines. And, the situation worsens when they are solving their assignments on an urgent notice, and they are unaware of the citation styles like Vancouver or APA. In such cases, citation tools come in handy. Most citation tools found online are backed by the latest Machine Learning algorithms. Thus, it barely takes the tool to generate the citation.

Free Citations

If you browse the internet carefully, you will find that most of the Vancouver citation machines can be accessed free of charge. Hence, if the students face an issue while citing the sources, they do not have to rely on others. They can easily visit websites like, or and use the Vancouver citation tool.

Moreover, with the citation generator at your disposal, you get to:

Avoid Plagiarism Issues

It has frequently been observed that the students leave a source un-cited as they are unaware of the citation format. As a consequence, they end up submitting plagiarised content, risking marks deduction. But, with the Vancouver style referencing tools in hand, you will be able to generate the citation format for different types of sources.

Cite Various Types of Sources

Are you aware of the fact that you can cite a variety of traditional and non-traditional sources with these citation tools? Apart from books, journals, you can cite videos, software, artwork, podcasts, interviews, social media information, etc. If you are not sure about the authenticity of the results, you can take a look at the various Vancouver referencing examples.

Cite Sources in the Text

When you write the assignments, you not only have to include the references in the reference list, but also have to cite them in the text. Using the MLA citation format or Vancouver reference generator will help you accomplish both these tasks. You must cite references in the text, if you wish to secure good grades in the assignment.

Hopefully, now you have a better grasp of why you should use Vancouver referencing tool. If you pore through the net, you will come across an authentic tool.

Thomas Grant

4 Tips To Ace The Chicago Style Of Citations

3 min read

If you’ve been asked to use Chicago referencing and citations for your academic papers, that’s fairly common citation style to work with. But it’s also true that mistakes still happen. It may seem too confusing to remember all the guidelines related to this citation style. But you can get past that if you get the basics right.

So, if you need a little more clarity on the Chicago style of referencing and citations, you can go through this list of tips.

Put the author's last name and year of publication in parentheses.

Include the citation right after the information you wish to cite. Add a space between the author's name and the date, but make sure not to use a comma. For example: (Miller 2013). You can look for Chicago referencing and citation examples online as well.

If you don’t have the name of the author, use the name of the publication or a short version of the title in place of the name of the author. Don't put the author's name in parentheses if you've already added it in the sentence with the citation. In case you face difficulty, use a good Chicago referencing generator tool.

Separate the names of 2 or 3 authors with commas

If the text you're citing, as per Chicago style citation, has two or three authors, keep all their surnames in parentheses before the date of publication. Put commas between to separate the authors' names, but not between the final author's name and the date.

List the authors in the same order they're mentioned in the original publication. For example: (Miller, Stevens, and Prince 1989). This is how the experts from coursework writing service also present the citation.

Distinguish the multiple publications with the same author

If you're citing more than one text written by the same author published in the same year, you’ll have to make a distinction between each publication. You can do that by assigning lowercase letters to each publication and putting them after the date in your citations. For instance, (Smith 1997a), (Smith 19997b).

Include page numbers when you're citing specific passages

If you are citing a particular passage from your source, localise the details as clearly as possible in your citation by using page numbers or other details (like the chapter number). Add the page number or other location information after the date, and spate them with a comma.

Apart from page numbers, you can also mention other types of location information, like chapter number, or figure number.

Keep these ideas in mind when you cite your sources in Chicago style the next time.

Thomas Grant

3 Winning Ways to Perfect your Next Coursework

3 min read

Writing the perfect coursework is certainly no child’s play. However, it is no rocket science either, only if you know how to go about the entire task with precision. Every 8 out of 10 students are said to look for coursework writing help online? Do you know why? That’s because most students are often found to be a bit sceptical and confused regarding the procedural essentialities to be followed while going about coursework assignments.

The trick is simple. You just need to explore a couple of easy guidelines and the perfect coursework writing solution would be right there, on your screen. So, take some time out to read through this insightful blog and approach your next coursework like a pro. Here you go!

Focus on the elemental essentialities of the topic

It is absolutely important for you to lay focus on the coursework topic in order to go about the rest of the paper seamlessly. So, how about abiding by the following strategies? Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Try to evaluate and deduce what exactly the coursework topic asks you to write about.
  • Know your stances well and stick to the same, all throughout the coursework paper.
  • If you have a pre-assigned topic, then invest enough time in expanding it from thorough analytical perspectives.

Select the right research methods

Selecting the right research method is one of the most crucial areas of concern. You can either abide by the empirical or non-empirical research methodologies. Here are all the critical pointers one must consider while choosing research methods for coursework.

  • Focus on the coursework type and decide on the exploratory aspect.
  • Ask yourself, what is the main purpose of conducting the research?
  • What are your end goals? What primary questions or points of the argument you would like to solve at the end of the coursework?

Once you have concrete answers to each of the questions, as mentioned above, proceed with your analysis and initiating the task of final drafting.

Create an outline for your coursework

Lastly, you must prioritise the aspect of creating coursework outline. If you have the right outline to follow, you are halfway through the hurdle. Here’s what you must know to create flawless coursework outlines.

  • Plan your thesis statement.
  • Accumulate and strategise all relevant points of references.
  • Always make it a point to add key takeaways a compelling conclusion at the end of the coursework

In case, the coursework would still appear to be challenging, obtain homework help service from reliable platforms, for easy solutions on the go. Cheers!