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Hope James

Reasons to find a technical writer for hire

3 min read

To manage technical documentation work in an organization, businesses hire technical writers. Several companies hire them to mane content production and services. They need the best technical writer that narrates their services through an excellent writing piece. Clients also look for the contractual position, but we recommend you hire them. Plenty of advantages are associated with hiring a full time technical writer. But, are you thinking of doing this work on your own? Read the following reason why businesses should be looking for technical writers for hire. How technical writers benefit the business? All focus on writing You may have other departmental professionals for drafting technical documents, but they can claim about time constraints. Therefore, hire a professional writer who will give 100 % in the writing part. An experienced technical writer prioritizes documents that need to be finished first. Expecting other staff to produce quality content is simply unrealistic. A full-time writer pitches the right tone and voice for your brand and draw consumer’s attention towards you. They are masters in writing and have the specialized skillset to author your technical documents. Technical writers can deliver you content quicker than any other professionals. That’s why to rely on them. The clear message to the audience Content should appeal audience with its concise writing. Not all writers have these qualities, and you need professional technical writers to distill complex ideas into the documentation. Writers have excellent communication skills to create successful technical documents. Their writing gives a clear message compared to written content by another professional. For instance, technical documentation done by engineers contain complex phrases that the audience may not understand. On the other hand, marketing teams don’t have writing knowledge. Hiring the best technical writer paves the way for successful content creation and conveys a clear message to the audience. Better formatting and easier reading Clarity is an essential factor for easy read the document. Proper layout and formatting are required to draft a quality technical document. Technical writers have sufficient knowledge and expertise to make the content look appealing and readable. They use white space in the right manner, incorporate heading, subheadings, and lists other content features. Writers put their effort into engaging the audience through their content. Proper structuring of the content makes it understandable. From a marketing point of view, content is the king where it explains your services and brand. Technical writers can collaborate with your in house team to create manuals, articles, and other content.


Hope James

Assess the Quality before enrolling for the Best Online Tutoring Services

3 min read

In 2020, 1.6 billion children were unable to attend traditional classrooms for in person teaching. Thanks to eLearning they continued learning procedure without hampering their academic curriculum. Before that, online tuitions were the supplementary part of classroom learning, but amid pandemic it became a daily routine part of homeschoolers. In corporate training as well, the workforce struggled to acquire new skills and continue their training sessions. Here, eLearning played a pivotal role to impart knowledge. But, the main question arises, how to assess the online tutoring services provider that meet your learning requirements? Here’s the checklist to keep in mind. Checklist to assess the quality of online best tutoring services Certified tutors Before enrolling in any online tuitions, check the certification and qualifications of online tutors. It is an important concern and doesn’t roll your eyes because there are plenty of platforms providing remote learning. In today’s age information exists in websites and eLearning solutions which can be both correct and incorrect. Best online tutoring services like Acadecraft have certified tutors holding degrees from prestigious universities worldwide. They commit to delivering optimum learning solutions in corporate training to learners and never compromise on the quality. Smart Teaching Tools Corporate training is different from college or school studies. Here you need a smart learning approach to get trained. If you don’t want to put quality learning at stake, say yes to smart teaching tools. It includes elements like videos, online books, flashcards, quizzes, etc. If your tutoring service is teaching you through digital whiteboards, no need to look at other platforms. It is the best tool to learn important concepts and actively engages learners in technical courses for greater learning. Watch out for the latest reviews Many eLearning platforms came up amidst COVID-19 and enrolling yourself without testing their testimonials may be hazardous. Word of caution is to look latest reviews and not outdated ones. Outdated reviews might be fake ones and you may fall under their trap. Therefore, look for such tutoring services which are credible, reliable, and trustworthy for clients. Adding to this, 24/7 availability and proper interaction in live classes are also important factors to consider. A By-Product Of Quality Learning End of the day, your result matters, and that is the proof of your knowledge. Enrolling in low quality tutoring services will make you fail in the litmus test of examinations. Scores attest to quality and show content is working for you or not. Hence, connect with that platform only, which proves the credibility and have the capability in delivering good grades. Quality learning by online tutoring services will improve your grades and performance, so don’t miss out on this factor. It is important for your learning.


Hope James

3 Tricks for creating accessible video lectures

3 min read

Video lectures are a powerful way to impart knowledge and establish a rapport with learners. However, it may pose challenges for those who are suffering from specific disabilities if correct parameters are not met to create accessible video lectures. We have brought this write up to those beginner level developers to guide them in creating a compelling end user product. Following these simple techniques and strategies that create video accessible for the majority of the student. Strategies to create useful, accessible video lectures.

  1. Add Captions Captions are text manuscripts of the audio content that is synchronized with the video. It ensures your video's accessibility to all kinds of learners (disabled and non-disabled). It helps those unfamiliar with the native language and face challenges in learning technical terms spoken in the content. There are specific online tools that can accomplish the task. Still, it is recommended to outsource prominent services like Acadecraft, whose services include seamless integrations with YouTube, Panopto, and other platform.
  2. Audio Description Audio descriptions are the narrative audio track that narrates your video content, making it accessible for visually impaired users. These users have a better understanding of audio by listening to it. However, certain video content, like on screen text or others that only have video content, must be described to users for better accessibility. You can outsource voice-over artists and do it yourself to narrate the entire content. Reading the entire video lectures helps to announce if the slides are being paraphrased so that viewers aren't worried about missing out on anything.
  3. Transcript The transcript is a text version of the content that captures audio and other critical visual information to make users' content accessible. It helps people who have technical limitations or visual problems. Transcripts help people who quickly scan or search a video content without watching the entire video. The transcript will be available as one of the alternative output formats generated by the closed caption process if you have captioned the content. It is perfect for free online tools and commercial service providers. To make the transcript available, you will link the relevant video to your web page wherever you link or display it. Final words Many users are suffering from several physical challenges. But knowledge never discriminates anyone on this planet. Accessible video lectures are a powerful means to impart knowledge and educate them. Above mentioned strategies will help developers to create effective content.


Hope James

How virtual lab solutions benefit e-learning?

3 min read

For a safe online learning environment, virtual laboratories are excellent means. Through these virtual labs, learners interact with machines, interfaces, and elements without applying real-life theories. They have plenty of educational and businesses application which benefits them in delivering e-learning materials. This post will shed light on them and help you know how to use virtual lab solutions to support your online courses. What is a virtual lab?

A virtual laboratory is an on-screen simulator which computer-based to perform interactive experiments or other activities via computer interfaces. Learners use this technology to perform a series of experiments that give them authentic results.


Create a true-to-life learning experience

Unlike traditional course, learners can visualize and make guesses of theory can be applied. For instance, machine operation can be taught easily by using interactive elements. These labs build a realistic technology learning environment to complete training and make learners come with more preparations.

Offer blended learning

To support traditional learning, virtual labs combined can create a good learning experience. Here learners get a chance to apply their understanding of theories, experiment, and practice them n number of times. Instructors can assign them tasks or projects and have follow-up sessions to discuss results.


Explain complex concepts and procedures

Complex theories may sometimes help puzzles student about their real-life applications. They can use the virtual lab to understand concepts like the orbit of planets, tinker with the global economy, or crossbreed between two species. You can use this technology to simulate any level of scale complexity or abstraction.

How to use virtual lab solutions to support e-learning?

Instructors can ask students situational questions and replicate those scenarios in the virtual lab. It gives them a chance to discover new things building their intuition. By this interaction, both can figure out discrepancies between virtual and reality concepts. Incorporating virtual laboratories interface help learners master skills. They can learn simple procedures, practice more complex processes, and challenging tasks through virtual technologies.

A virtual lab provides lab-style assignments that students use physical laboratory, step by step. Here you can include safety measures and guidelines to handle lab equipment. Use a responsive interface while building a virtual laboratory because it allows learners to access training content from any device. Quality and interactive user interface deliver a smooth and flexible e-learning experience for learners.

Kick start your training sessions with virtual labs

Virtual labs are effective means to support e-learning. Following the above measures and using the best practices will develop your course, providing an interactive learning experience for students. If you are beginning your portfolio in this domain, then loop for prominent online service providers who ensures you quality materials to support your e-learning content.

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Hope James

Choose Online Learning Solutions Provider for the Better Outcome

3 min read

With the help of e-learning, learners can now sit and learn from the comfort of their home. They can communicate with instructors using any platform. Moreover, they can learn whenever they are free. The different types of Learning Solutions include custom e-learning, rapid e-learning, mobile learning, platform services, and AR and VR services. Moreover, business clients also come from different industries which includes e-learning, industrial training, schools and colleges. Acadecraft is a company that is catering to the needs of business clients for a long time now. Moreover, clients in all shapes and sizes can avail of Learning Solutions Provider as the prices are kept affordable. The clients also come from different countries which include the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UAE, and many others. The experts working with the company are highly skilled. Moreover, they also possess exceptional communication and writing skills. The experts also possess analytical and problem-solving skills.

  1. Round the clock availability: The team of customer care executives is always present at your service. Moreover, you can either place a ring or come for a live chat with a team of customer care executives. Apart from this, the team of customer care executives is 24/7 available at your service. The team of customer care executives resolves all your queries in no time. Moreover, the company executives also understand that business clients lead a hectic life; therefore, they have the liberty to connect with the team whenever they want to.
  2. Experts undergo tests: The team of professionals working with the company has to undergo a series of interview tests before they are finally recruited. With the help of the tests, both the analytical and the problem-solving skills of a candidate can be understood. Apart from this, their communication and writing skills can also be analyzed. Based on the interview tests, the salary bar of a candidate is decided.
  3. Affordable pricing: The pricing structure of the Online Learning Solution is kept affordable so that business clients, whether large or small, can avail of the services. You can check out the prices online and compare it with other companies present in the industry. Moreover, you can also check out the website of the company and read all the information in details. The experts working with the company has years of experience. The Online Learning Solutions provider by the company are customized for every kind of learners. The learners do not face any form of difficulty while going through the custom e-learning content. Apart from this, the content can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Even if you are travelling, you can go still learn as the resources can be availed on your smartphones as well.

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Hope James

Why take advantage of online tutoring services from companies?

2 min read

With the help of online tutoring services, the learners can now upgrade their skills during their time. In other words, virtual learning had become flexible. The tutors possess exceptional communication and writing skills with the help of which they assist their students. On the other hand, students can save on their travel costs and other forms of costs involved in the process of traditional learning. Most students are working these days, so they can start learning when they are back home from work. Moreover, all their issues are resolved, sitting from the comfort of their home. Acadecraft is a company that has assisting learners for a long time now. Moreover, tutors teaching students on behalf of the company are highly trained and experienced. They also possess specific domain knowledge. You can also check out the prices online and compare them with other companies present in the industry. If you are satisfied with the pricing structure, then you can seek english tutor online. Moreover, you can also check out the website of the company before availing of its services. At the same time, you must read all the information in detail.

  1. Round the clock availability: The team of customer care executives is standing right at your doorstep to cater to your requirements. Moreover, you can either place a ring or come for a live chat with a team of customer care executives. Apart from this, the team of customer care executives is 24/7 available at your service. The company authorities understand that the business clients lead a hectic schedule; therefore, they have the liberty to connect with the team whenever they want to. Moreover, the team of customer care executives is always ready to resolve all your doubts in no time.
  2. Experts undergo tests: The team of professionals working with the organization undergoes a series of interview tests before they are finally employed. Moreover, with the help of the interview tests, both the analytical and problem-solving skills of a candidate can be measured. Apart from this, their communication and writing skills are also analyzed. Based on the outcome of the interview of the candidates, their salary bar is decided.
  3. Affordable pricing: The pricing structure of the online tutoring company is kept affordable so that business clients in all shapes and sizes can avail themselves of it without facing any obstacles. Get more info: