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Hope James

Why Do Explainer Videos Work?

4 min read

96% of people watch explainer videos to serve about a product or service. And, 87% state that explainer video services have helped them increase traffic. The startling statistics reveal that explainer videos actually work. But do you know why? Let’s find out! It’s Short and Crisp We live in a world that's always in a rat race. Nobody has time for anything. Do you think long, tedious videos will work in such an environment? No, it won’t! That’s the reason marketing agencies have switched to explainer videos. The explainer videos are short and usually lasts a minute or two. But, that in no way means that it doesn’t deliver quality. Explainer videos utilize the best information to make the video highly knowledgeable for the audience. The best part about explainer videos is that it straightaway gets to the point without exaggeration. It’s Engaging Engagement is what drives traffic and improves the dwell time of the website. While long videos brought in bounce rates, 82% of marketers say that explainer videos have helped them increase the dwell time of websites. So, why do you think explainer videos help in this aspect? The answer is simple. An explainer video production company ensures that the explainer videos engage the audience and grasp their attention. For such engagement, they use story-telling tactics, simulations, immersive experiences, gamification modules and whatnot! It Helps with Retention Did you know our attention span is lesser than that of a goldfish? So, obviously, long, tiring videos will never be on our checklist. But, with explainer videos, things get better! Explainer videos are short, engaging and informative. So, the more attractive you make your explainer videos, the more audience will retain them. And, staying in the audience's mind for a long time is what companies want! It is Visually Appealing What pleases the eye pleases the mind! And, it's true in the case of videos as well. If given two options, a clear animated or a hazy animated video, which would you prefer? Obviously, the former one! Clarity is what makes video comforting to watch. Similarly, clear, attractive, and short videos are visually more appealing than long, exaggerated ones. And explainer videos do exactly what the customers need! It Improves SEO performance. Yes, explainer videos boost the webpage's ranking like no other! If your explainer videos have to-the-point solutions to your customer's problem, they will rank higher. And with higher rankings on the web, companies will see a definitive rise in leads. In fact, reports suggest that explainer videos helped 86% of marketers generate leads. It Boosts ROI Does it? Yes, that's why explainer videos work for marketing agencies. Let's see how explainer videos improve a company's ROI. You'll need investment to hire explainer video services. But what you reap in return is double! With innovative explainer videos, there will be more target audiences. With more audience, your videos will receive more shares. And, with more shares, you'll have better leads. What will better leads bring? A host of potential customers improved traffic and better conversion rates. And with better conversion rates, your company will see an improvement in ROI. Final Words Explainer videos are ruling the marketing world. And the points mentioned earlier are among the few reasons that tell us the reason for the supremacy of explainer videos. The explainer videos are short, crisp, effective and help companies with better visibility time and again! So, if your company wants to be a part of such a triumphing result, you must connect with the best explainer video production company. However, never forget to do your part of research.

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