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Hope James


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The pandemic is in no mood to stop! With different variations making their way into the world, online work is the best way to stay safe. However, the question is how to motivate the employees from a virtual world? Gamification-based solutions are the answer! Games are attractive to all. From a five-year kid to a fifty-year adult, games have the power to enthrall and excite their audience. Therefore, if the corporate world uses gamification techniques, they can motivate the team member to do the best work. In fact, many companies have come up with gamification solutions to boost productivity and improve engagement. Also, reports state that the global gamification market will grow at a rate of 30% during the forecast period of 2021-2025. If your company wants to motivate employees to do better, companies can do the job by switching to gamification! However, the buyers have to consider certain factors. Want to know what they are? Let's take a look. Factors to Get the Best Gamification-based Solutions

  1. Accessibility across Platforms The first thing to remember is that the gamification solutions must be user-friendly and accessible anywhere and anytime! Now, what does that mean? It means that if the employee wants to use the gamification module in the mobile phones, they must have easy access. And, if the team member wants to continue it on the laptop, the performance must be as smooth. With accessibility across all platforms, employees will have a better user experience.
  2. Multiple Languages Along with accessibility, gamification companies must offer solutions in multiple languages. Not every employee working in your company is a pro in English. Also, if your team is spread across different continents, don't you think multilanguage is necessary? If your company doesn't provide gamification solutions in multiple languages, there will be a gap in learning among the employees. This will, in turn, affect productivity. So, it is crucial to deliver gamification solutions in multiple languages.
  3. Motivation Yes, multiple languages are crucial for a gamification module. However, does your company have any idea about what else matters? If your company’s gamification-based solutions do not provide incentives, will it motivate the employees? No, it won’t! Therefore, when hiring gamification help, look closely at the providers focus on! The first step is to pick the target audience and learn what motivates them. The second is to select a proper and appropriate incentive to complete the gamified training program. Ensure that the provider you select follows both the steps with sincerity to deliver a better productive approach.
  4. Overall Plan Motivation won't work if your company doesn't have an overall background plan. Now, the provider, your company will hire must sort out even this part. Your company’s gamification-based solutions must integrate with other learning initiatives. For instance, it must coordinate well with elearning courses, practical learning, on-field training, and others. The provider must be able to create a program that supports the overall plan to attain the desired learning and training outcomes. This will help boost the effectiveness and instill new skills and knowledge in the employees. Wrapping Up Gamification is one of the most innovative ways to enhance productivity among employees. But, due to its mushroom growth, many providers have come up with average gamification solutions. With its factors, as mentioned earlier, this blog will help companies get the best providers of gamification.