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Hope James


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The New Modes of Learning In the year 1923, Thomas Edison argued that video clips could replace books and teachers. It's 2021 now. How far do you think his prediction has come true? Today, it is not just video clips but more advanced forms of learning that have replaced the brick and mortar classes. In fact, one of the most effective modes of learning, i.e., the PPT, is always being converted to m-learning. Have you heard about PPT to online mobile ready e-learning training content? Though the PowerPoint presentations have helped students and business employees, it is slowly being replaced. Mobile learning is taking its place. Do you know why? Shortcomings of PPT First, the use of PPT is limited to the transmission and information mode for excessive content. Second, for PPT presentations, you need a complete setup. From laptops to tablets and projection equipment, everything is required to display the slides. Third, several critics and Lumen Learning warn that PPT uses too much information to make a presentation. It results in "death by PowerPoint." This phrase conveys a state of boredom as a result of sitting listening to excessive details. Fourth, PPT to mobile ready conversion services is gaining grounds because, as Drexel University states, several technical issues in PPT hampers presentation lead to unwanted delay. Fifth, PPT does not offer multiple device support, and the learners' engagement is comparatively less in PPT. What is Mobile Learning? Mobile learning is the process through which learners get acquainted with their subjects and courses on mobile phones. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize that the best alternative to offline learning is none other than e-learning. Statistics suggest that more than 64% of learners prefer mobile devices for learning. It is one of the crucial reasons for increasing PPT to online mobile ready e-learning training content. Why is M-learning Useful? • M-learning enables you to learn anytime and anywhere! In fact, more than 57% of employees prefer learning on the spot! • More than 47% of the Gen Z generation prefers a self-directed learning approach. M-learning allows self-paced learning. • Mobile learning has wider accessibility in terms of reaching the audience. From low income to minority students and learners, everybody can use mobile learning. • It improves the team member's memory retention ability. As m-learning supports micro learning, students and employees can easily retain complex topics with short videos. • PPT to online mobile ready e-learning training content is popular because, unlike PPT, m-learning offers multiple device support. Summing Up Mobile learning is one of the recent trends, and its growth gives us an indication that it will go a long way. It is highly beneficial to learners from all age groups. If you want to convert PPT to mobile learning content, ensure to get it done from the best! Visit: