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Hope James


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Gamification solutions are not a new term. The word has been on the market for a decade. However, there are a limited number of companies using gamification. The concept of gamification is still flummoxing for many individuals. Despite the potential of gamification, industries are hesitant to introduce the concept to their employees. Such companies are unable to foresee their long-term benefits. Gamifying a company’s product or service leads to guaranteed higher ROI. In addition, gamification encourages and promotes employees’ behavior that industries value. Gamification is not exclusive to recreation and fun. It is an instructional strategy that targets to increase the motivation, participation, and engagement of the employees. Gamification as a service must always be a yes for industries aiming to increase their brand value and productivity. The blog will discuss three specific reasons to help the companies decide on opting for gamification services. User Engagement Engagement from the employees' end is one significant factor in deciding the organization's growth and outcome. Several studies prove that better engagement doubles the company’s client satisfaction rates. The companies that lack a culture of engagement must switch to gamification. Gamifying tasks with creativity and imagination encourages employees to explore new areas of learning. The gamified platforms help the learners track their progress and understand their strong and weak points. Moreover, the gamification solutions assist the employees in directing towards actions that help them in better performance. Developing New Skills Gamification revolutionizes the way employees train and learn. The employees can learn new things along with tracking their progress. The gamification technique eases the most challenging of concepts for the learners. Furthermore, the companies can customize the learning needs of each team member. The employees can focus on their respective strengths to enhance the productivity of the organization. With a higher level of customization, the employees can learn at their pace. The customization of learning materials and gamifying them enable the learners to push themselves towards expertise. Higher Memory Retention What is the use if employees cannot retain their learning? Gamification as a service is helpful because it enhances the retention capacity of the learners. The employees tend to pretermit tedious things. However, gamification, which is multi sensory learning, enables the learners to retain concepts. Furthermore, it also enhances the learners' ability to grasp complex concepts. The employees can learn better and retain it in their memories for a long time. Wrapping Up eLearning Gamification Companies are a modern way to enhance a company’s productivity and growth. Though some companies are hesitant, a service provider with quality gamification techniques can be of help! Acadecraft is a leading gamification company in the US. The team has the requisite skills and experience for the job. If your company wants to increase its brand value and marketing sales, reach out at