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Hope James


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Web accessibility is one of the hot topics in digital marketing. Complying with the accessibility guidelines is a must for companies. From landing pages to PDF, everything must be made accessible. Clients can utilize the talent of PDF accessibility companies to gain benefits. The AODA, ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.1 guidelines enable users with disabilities a seamless experience while navigating the web. Adhering to the guidelines of accessibility enables organizations to boost revenue. Reports suggest that people with disabilities spend half-trillion dollars annually. Another survey states that blind people abandon two-thirds of e-commerce transactions due to lack of accessibility. Similarly, readers with disabilities abandon PDF files due to accessibility issues. Sometimes, even if the PDF file is made accessible, it needs remediation due to errors. Therefore, companies must have their compliance remediation done! However, it is necessary to know the practices that can help make PDF fully accessible before remediation. How to make PDF accessible? Organized Content Structure The PDF content needs to have a clear structure. It must be arranged logically and hierarchically. Moreover, the points must be coherent to each other. The content must have headings, sub-headings, bullet points, page numbers and a table of contents. A report claims that 82% of people return and are willing to spend money for a company that delivers an accessible experience. Moreover, another study reveals that 98.1% of home pages detected WCAG 2 failures. For cases as such, compliance remediation is the best option. With remediation, an organization can understand their pain points regarding structure or others and work on it. Color Contrast Ratio Explicit content is a definite necessity, but along with that, the color contrast ratio also matters. According to a report, for 86.3% of websites, low contrast is one of the most common reasons for WCAG 2 failures. Therefore, it is necessary to set the color contrast right. The WCAG criteria 2.1 1.4.3 and 2.1 1.4.6 regulate content accessibility levels. It states that a minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1 must be used. A color contrast checker while developing the PDF design ensures that the color contrast matches the WCAG criteria. The pdf accessibility companies very well know to care of that! Bookmarks and Alt-Text Along with checking the color contrast, it is necessary to look for easy navigational ways for users. Bookmarks are one of them. Adding bookmarks will enable users to go through a large document without any hassle. Moreover, adding alt-text will make the PDF experience smooth for users with disabilities. Alt texts help screen readers read the image and help users get the exact information being conveyed. Additional Information Along with the three mentioned points, the best practices to make PDF accessible include: • Selectable text • Titles and language • Captions • Tags • Tables • Links and forms Wrapping Up PDF accessibility and remediation is necessary to enable users to get an impeccable experience on the web. Clients must thus hire experts from the best pdf accessibility companies to help readers and boost their organization’s revenue.