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The Best Nepal Attraction

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Nepal is a beautiful country, incredible. Nepal is one of those countries that are truly awesome and completely diverse. Before visiting Nepal, many people would think that the best places in Nepal are the Himalayas and Kathmandu. Yes, these two places are great, but apart from the mountains and capital of Nepal, there are many more great places to visit. Nepal Attraction Durbar Square is the most famous square in Kathmandu, and it is also a good place to watch Nepalese temple architecture. This includes Nepal's monuments from the 16th to the 19th century. There are more than 50 temples and palaces on the square. In 1970, after the royal family moved to the new palace of "Narayanti", the old palace was opened as a museum for visitors to visit. It displayed portraits of successive kings and a large number of real objects and photos of King Tribhuvan during his lifetime. The appearances of the temples on Durbar Square seem to be very similar, mainly including the Living Goddess House, Narayan Temple, Shiva Temple, Shiva-Bawadi Temple House, King Prata Bumara Statue, Hanu Manhou Shrine, Kurishuna Temple, etc. However, many temples are only open to Hindus, and ordinary tourists cannot enter. The Goddess Tong Temple on the left side of the entrance of Durbar Square is worth a visit. There are many statues and peacocks carved on the wooden windows. The Goddess Tong Temple is only open to foreign tourists on the ground floor. The Durbar Square area is composed of three scattered squares. To the south is Basantapur Square. The main area of ​​the square is to the west, where many temples gather. In the northeast is the sub-area of ​​Durbar Square, where there is the entrance to the former palace site. An open area extending to the northeast is called Makhan Street. It used to be an important traffic artery in Kathmandu, but now it has become a famous pedestrian street. The entire square was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Transportation Close to the Tamil area, 10 minutes walk along New Road.

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