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Donald hardy

Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet software developed and commercialized by Microsoft, is part of the Office Suite and it is available both for Macintosh systems and Windows. Originally designed to work on Macintosh systems, Excel had been ported to MS/DOS in 1987 due to the slow porting of Lotus 1-2-3 to the Microsoft operating system and since then it has been improved in its features, dominating the commercial spreadsheet market. Excel can be installed both as a stand-alone application and as a part of Office Suite, offering in the latter case full integration with Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Excel offers basic functions for data manipulation, like arithmetic operations and formulas, as well as embedded statistical functions, charts, graphs, and histograms. Macro functions, designed to handle more complex data processing, making use of Visual Basic for Applications, a subset of the famous scripting language developed by Microsoft. Such a offer of features conveniently answers to statistical, engineering and financial needs, making Microsoft Office the first pick in the great variety of spreadsheet applications today available in the market.