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If you have a problem pool robot cleaner, if it keeps getting stuck or your current robot cleaner just does not work. We will help you choose the best product for your pool, best warranties, and of course the best robot pool cleaner. Out there thousands of pool products are available including the chemicals, pumps, pool testing kits, filters, automatic pool robot cleaner and many other things. If you’re going to use the best pool supplies then your result will be the best. Let us give you the little tour to our quality product, and equipment that are necessary in pool cleaning.

Robotic pool cleaners aren’t really robots but they are computer controlled and more importantly independent of the pool pump and filter system. This independence allows robotic cleaners to operate at peak efficiency, even when the pump or filter is dirty or off. Robotic pool cleaners include brand names like Hayward, Zodiac, Pentair Robotics, Dolphin, Polaris and iRobot. All of these devices share the characteristic of a belt driven rover, with two internal motors – a pump motor and a drive motor. The pump motor does the vacuuming and keeps the suction close to the floor and the wall, while the drive motor is connected to pulleys and belts that propel the cleaner forward and in reverse.

Robot pool cleaners operate on low voltage, plug a transformer into any 115v outlet, and plug your cleaner cord into the power box to send 24 volts to the pool cleaner to power the motors. A distinct advantage to the robotic pool cleaner is that while it vacuums, it also filters. The internal debris bag, made of a fine mesh, traps particles as fine as 2 microns, reducing the work load of your filter and chemicals.

Best features to look for in a pool robot

While the size of a pool cleaner doesn’t matter, the weight does. Sure, the bigger the pool the bigger the robot, but you need to make sure you can lift it to get it in and out of the pool. If the pool cleaner is too heavy, you’ll have a hard time caring for it and your pool without a little help.

Wide tires and four wheel drive
No, you won’t be taking it off-roading. But a pool cleaner can’t do its job if it can’t get around your pool. We recommend four wheel drive and wide tires made of rubber not plastic so the cleaner can easily get over bumps and won’t have any trouble navigating slippery surfaces along the sides and bottom of your pool.

Swivel Cord
Sad to say, you can’t escape the need for cords with a pool cleaner. Because it’ll be moving around your pool and climbing vertical walls and even stairs, the cord can easily tangle, keeping the cleaner from moving. A swivel cord can help prevent tangles and give your robotic pool cleaner the freedom of movement it needs.

High-Quality Brushes
Removing the dirt and debris from your pool is hard work, and pool cleaners accomplish it with brushes. We recommend hard-bristle brushes or rotating rubber brushes that can scrub dirt from almost any surface in your pool.

Programmable Timer
The whole point of a pool robot cleaner is to make your life easier. If you have to go out and start it every time you want it to run, it takes away the automation and ease of use. The best cleaners come with programmable timers so you can set it. Just don’t forget to clean it out once in a while. Even a cleaner needs to be cleaned.

Climbing ability
Preferably, you want a robotic pool cleaner that’s good at climbing. The best ones can easily climb the sides of your pool, clean the waterline.

Efficient pool cleaning cycles
Every pool cleaner has a different pool cleaning cycle. Ideally, you want one that can clean your pool as quickly and efficiently as possible while still doing a good job. Some cleaners come with multiple cycles for different levels of pool cleaning.

Pool cleaners can be expensive, so you’ll want one made from high-quality materials that will last. At last, you may have to repair it, but you shouldn’t need to do that for at least a few swimming seasons.

Hayward AquaVac 6 Series
The AV6 series robotic pool cleaner from Hayward uses state of the art Hydro cyclonic technology to separate the debris from your pool water with no hassle to you. Leaving you with a sparkling pool and the time to enjoy it.

• Maintains constant suction power
• Engineered with 18 hydro cyclones, spin tech filter less technology creates a swirling spiral of suction, eliminating clogs and maintaining maximum power until the job is done
• Touch free debris canister protects you from the mess
• Not only do AquaVac 6 series cleaners keep your pool spotless they make clean up simple, too. To remove debris simply squeeze the quick-release latch and watch the canister empty and rinse itself
• Easily navigates any pool surface
• Hexa drive adaptive traction expertly climbs and thoroughly scrubs walls with six rugged variable-speed-driven rollers that grip any pool surface
• Control your AquaVac 650 from your phone

HAYWARD SHARKVAC 110V automatic pool cleaner
Through the efficient cleaning program, it calculates the size of pools and programs itself for the most time and energy efficient cleaning path cleaning floors and coves as it goes. It is equipped with 2 fine porosity filter elements. It is really easy to use because it does not require hoses, hook-ups or any pumps to operate. The filter enables rapid debris removal and hassle-free clean-up. SharkVac cleaner runs separately from the pool’s filtration system, reducing filter backwash frequency to save both time and money.

• Cleans all residential pool surfaces, gunite, vinyl, concrete, tile or fiberglass up to 20x40 ft
• Uses up to 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners
• Top-access filter allows quick debris removal and easy clean-up by just removing and rinsing with a garden hose
• Calculates the size of the pool and defines the most well organized cleaning path

It is unashamed and conclusive machine that conveys intensive pool cleaning and inclusion, even in difficult to clean situations. In contrast to "ordinary" attractions pool cleaners that are pushed around by the hose and flows, the Pentair rebel just drives itself conclusively and viably around the entire pool following a modified guiding instrument. It is outfitted with incredible water turbines and cog wheels and huge 2 wheel drives with uncommon grasp, the Pentair rebel finds no issue with obstructions, 90 degrees floor-to-divider points and restricted spaces that other pull cleaners would miss or can't manage. Its advanced plan joined with its amazing and unequivocal development.
• Sure-Flow Turbine: Dirt pass through effectively to abstain from stopping up.
• Progressed Hydraulic Technology – Ideal for use with variable-speed or two-speed siphons.
• Double Action Roller Skirt: Operation over-top obstructions for continuous cleaning
• SmartTrac Programmed Cleaning Cycle: Assures total and exhaustive pool cleaning inclusion
• Consistent Grip Tire Traction with recently added track for extraordinary mobility in restricted spaces
• Reduced Footprint: Effortlessly cleans sharp corners and 90-degree points
• Brisk Release Latch: Top access for simple functionality
• Committed Vacuum Line Port: Provides added security for devoted vacuum line establishments

Zodiac pool cleaners is designed to handle the hardest pools with its 4-wheel car drive framework, the zodiac handles any pool territory, moves over hindrances and conveys a careful pool cleaning of floor, steps, dividers and waterline. The zodiac vortex technology gives ground-breaking and constant cyclonic pull.
This permits the vortex-pro pool robot cleaner to catch enormous garbage, for example, gum nuts, twigs and eucalyptus leaves without losing pull power. This automated pool cleaner defeats all hurdles with a stunning nimbleness ensuring all territories of your pool are clean. The zodiac can get to floors, dividers, steps and the waterline, guaranteeing your pool is as perfect and clean.

Dolphin pool cleaning
The Dolphin pool cleaning is a lightweight, conservative mechanical pool cleaner that expertly cleans your pool floor with a simple to utilize top access filtration framework.
• Process duration 1.5 hours
• Ideal for little pool up to 8 m long Including over the ground pools
• Filtration Easy-clean net canister
• Top-access filtration framework with brisk, no-wreck exhausting and washing
• Lightweight, simple dealing with
• Quick, flotsam and jetsam free water discharge
• Multi-layer filtration with fine and super fine earth catch
• Dynamic brush turns at 2x the speed of the robot, bringing about improved cleaning abilities
• Complete inclusion of all pool surfaces with Power Stream versatility framework
• Self-learning robot adjusts to the pool shape and surface for ideal cleaning results

IRobot Mirra 530 pool cleaning robot
Designed for any type of in-ground pool, the iRobot Mirra530 pool cleaning robot deep cleans pool's surfaces and water for you, without using the pool's filtration system, hoses or booster pumps. Take the work out of cleaning your pool with the iRobot Mirra 530 Pool Cleaning Robot. Mirra uses increase robotic technology to deep clean pool surfaces and water, removing leaves, hair and dirt, as well as algae, pollen and bacteria as small as two microns.

Designed to clean any type of in-ground pool, Mirra 530 lifts dirt, algae and bacteria off the pool floors and walls with a PVC scrubbing brush, including at the water line where oils and bacteria can build up. Just drop it in, press the clean button and Mirra is off to work, pumping and filtering 70 gallons of water per minute that's over a gallon a second.
• Self-contained vacuum, pump and filter system: Mirra requires no installation, so it works without suction lines or other modifications to existing systems.
• Active scrubbing brush: The PVC scrubbing brush is actively geared to the motors of the robot. This 4:1 gear ratio provides active anxiety to the pool surface as the robot moves, allowing Mirra to scrub and lift dirt, algae and bacteria off the pool floor and walls.
• Pool Types: Mirra cleans any type of in-ground pool.
• PVA Wheels: These wheels give Mirra sponge like traction on slick pool surfaces like ceramic or vinyl.

Mirra 530 uses increase robotic technology, including iAdapt Nautiq responsive cleaning technology for pools to size up the approximate dimensions of the pool, then chooses the ideal cleaning cycle for maximum efficiency. Mirra provides the most thorough cleaning by making multiple passes over the entire inside of the pool, navigating obstacles and climbing walls and stairs.

Gyro Sensor: Detects when and in what direction Mirra has turned, allowing the robot to change direction and prevent the 60-foot floating power cord from getting tangled.

Makes cleaning the pool easier
Mirra 530 is the easiest pool cleaning robot to use and maintain, offering single push-and-play operation with the iRobot clean button. When the job is done, two quick-drain valves on the bottom of the robot allow for fast draining and lightweight handling. It's easy to clean the debris out of Mirra's two, top-load filter canisters.

Polaris 280 pool robot cleaner
The Polaris 280 pressure pool cleaner requires a devoted pressure line & booster pump. Collects sand, silt, gum leaves, nuts, palm fronds and twigs. The Polaris 280 pool cleaner is renowned for its robust design and will thoroughly clean your pool. The cleaner sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the floors of most residential pools in less than 3 hours and catch large debris that cleaners are unable to deal with. The Polaris 280 now has the optional Tail Sweep Pro which easily clips onto the Polaris tail and reduces water spraying from the tail of the machine. The Polaris Tail Sweep pro comes standard with the Polaris 3900.
• Powerful cleaning action sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the floors and walls of swimming pools.
• Appropriate for pools of all shapes and sizes.
• Ideal filter bag reduces filter cleaning by up to 80%.
• UV resistant and weather resistant body is built to last.
• Dual vacuum jets and booster pump clean standard swimming pools in less than 3 hours.
• 3-wheel design allows for easy immovability.
• Large throat of the pool cleaner will capture large debris and leaves.

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